Indoor Air Quality

How the dehumidifiers will improve the quality of indoor Air

It eliminates fungi and mold that grow in humid areas. This makes the home smell musty and leaves a limited amount of fresh air for members of your family. The dehumidifier monitors the humidity levels in the home and makes the necessary adjustments. It keeps the humidity level within a reasonable range and keeps away mildew and mold. It also eliminates dust mites that thrive in the moist environment. It helps to eliminate all these unwelcome allergens in your home by keeping your home moisture low and keeps allergy symptoms at bay. Eventually, it reduces sneezing and sniffing.

Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining low humidity and removing excess moisture from your house is one of the methods that guarantee that you’re indoor will have quality air. It makes it difficult for the mold, dust mites, and bacteria to thrive.
Unfortunately, the new changes in the home construction which were intended to create more efficient homes have resulted in tighter homes that have led to problems such as musty odors which have reduced the quality of air in the houses. Thus, the only way you can improve the quality of air in such houses is to make use of CoAiro dehumidifiers, Airs scrubbers and Air Movers. The equipment is designed to help create a healthy environment that is comfortable for the members of your family.

What can CoAiro do for you?

CoAiro dehumidifier will not only eliminate these issues but will also work with your HVAC so as to create a safe and conducive living environment while at the same time supplying fresh air and removing polluted and stale air.
Notice that even though the materials and construction techniques used to insulate and seal the modern home, there are still plenty of sources of polluted air which necessitates that we make use of dehumidifiers that can purify the air and make our homes safe. Some of the sources of pollution in our homes are:

  • Chemicals used in both new construction and renovation of the existing buildings
  • Wood burning fireplaces and stoves
  • Gas burning appliances
  • Pets
  • Off-gassing of countertops and flooring, and cabinets.
  • Infiltration of molds and pollen from the outside
  • Perspiration from people

Now because of the attempt to keep the house high tight and energy efficient, there is always insufficient ventilation as a result of the reduced air exchange rate. These houses will, therefore, have higher pollutant levels. Also, some weather conditions reduce the amount of fresh air that gets into the home meaning that pollutants will build up and can cause issues if corrective steps are not taken on time.
CoAiro dehumidifier can be relied on to provide an efficient and effective exchange of fresh outdoor air and stale indoor air.

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Note that if you are living in areas such as North Carolina, the summer period comes with hot and sticky temperatures that increase humidity. You require an efficient dehumidifier that can make your home habitable.

The dehumidifier can improve the quality of air in the home and help you to enjoy the following benefits:

Improve your health

If you and your family members suffer from asthma and allergies, too much humidity may aggravate the symptoms. It encourages the growth and development of mold and mildew which will make members of your family become ill. However, when you buy a dehumidifier, it discourages development of mildew and mold by keeping the air at a reasonable humidity level. This is important since it helps to protect the members of your family from these disease-causing organisms.

Helps other HVAC systems run efficiently

Dehumidifiers work with other components. They reduce humidity while at the same time give the cooling system some break. They pull out the extra moisture from the air allowing you to feel cooler without bothering yourself with lowering the thermostat. It means that your HVAC systems need not work so hard so as to keep your house cool. In the process, it purifies the air and allows your house to enjoy the fresh air.

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