Product Comparison

Find the Right Dehumidifier for Your Needs

CoAiro has five high-efficiency free-standing dehumidifiers to choose from. if you are not sure which dehumidifier is right for you, please contact us and we will help you find just what you need.

What to Consider When Choosing Dehumidifier

Product Comparison image image image image image
Dehumidifier CoAiro WM33 CoAiro XP100 CoAiro XP200 CoAiro CD200 (Dehumidifier) CoAiro CD200 (Condenser)
Water Removal 33Pints 100Pints 200Pints 200Pints
Size for Up to 1,300 sq.ft Up to 2,500 sq.ft Up to 4,000 sq.ft Up to 5,000 sq.ft
CFM(air flow) 150 CFM 520 CFM 520 CFM 520 CFM
Sound Level <46DBA <59DBA <59DBA <59DBA <59DBA
Air Filter G3 MERV 13 MERV 13 MERV 13
COP 2.78L/Kwh 2.80L/Kwh 2.80L/Kwh 2.80L/Kwh
Weight 40Ibs (18KG) 120Ibs (55KG) 130Ibs (59KG) 100Ibs (45KG) 75Ibs (34KG)
Dimensions 27.9*15.1*6.6in 31.4*19.2*17.7in 31.4*19.2*17.7in 31.4*19.2*17.7in 29.9*9.8*20.6in
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