About Us

We are a company with an advanced manufacturing facility that manufactures high-quality humidity control equipment that can be used to solve global humidity problems. Committed to providing customers with value by manufacturing humidity control equipment with leading functions, the performance of these equipment has always exceeded customer expectations.
We professionally provide whole-house ventilation humidity control equipment.
The equipment is designed to control humidity, provide fresh air ventilation and filter air. When installed by a capable technician, it can improve indoor air quality and enhance the comfort of the house. Please note that all CoAiro dehumidifiers comply with Energy Star standards to ensure excellent air filtration.
When you install whole-house humidity control equipment, you're committing to improved comfort and indoor air quality. In exchange for those advantages, you'll likely pay a little more each month. A dehumidifier, after all, is an appliance that consumes energy when it runs.
But if you're suffering from the effects of RH, it's so worth it!
Every type of humidifier and dehumidifier has upsides and downsides so speak with CoAiro first.
Speak with the professionals at CoAiro to find out which system is perfect for you and your home.

Mission Statement

To become a leading manufacturer of dehumidifiers and guarantee our customers value for their money. We are committed to using quality resources, advanced technology, and quality after ales services to make the mission a reality.

For more information, contact our customer support line. And ask any question you may be having.

(888) 977-1520 sales@coairo.com