CoAiro specializes in providing whole-house ventilating dehumidifiers. The equipment is meant to control humidity, provide fresh air ventilation and filter air. When installed by competent technicians, it can improve indoor air quality and enhance the comfort of your house.

CoAiro XP200

200 Pints/day WholeHouse dehumidifiers

CoAiro CD200

200 Pints/day Best choice for cooling the living spaces.

Latest Products

WholeHouse Domestic Dehumidifier

CoAiro CD200

CoAiro WM33

CoAiro XP100

CoAiro XP200


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Building Your Business

If you are in contracting business

CoAiro gives you an opportunity to build the business using their dehumidifier. Have the customers’ needs in mind and ask yourself if the current product offers a real solution to the problem at hand.


Current Dew Point

It refers to the temperature or a point at which moisture starts to condense. Thus, any surface whose temperature falls below the dew point will always form condensation. The easiest way to measure the dew point is by measuring …

Smart Wifi App

The air inside your home must be fresh and clean to guarantee comfortability.

Remote Controller

It offers all these essential services in single and easy to use controls integrated into the thermostat to manage humidity.

Filters & Accessories

The condensate pump is made up of ABS material. It has a 20-foot drain hose, can do long-distance draining for your convenience.

Warranty Registration

At CoAiro, quality is of utmost importance. We believe in the quality of our dehumidifier; which is why we support it fully. The dehumidifiers come with a 5-year warranty.

Perfect Products And Best Service.

Coairo partners with leading contractors in the dehumidification industry to ensure that our customers enjoy the best moisture removal solution. Also, our customer care desk is available on a 24/7 basis to help answer the most pressing questions you may have. This way, CoAiro is able to deliver improved comfort to your family.

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